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If you required having medical assistance while overseas and you don’t have travel insurance cover, you are on your own to cope up with these costs. Neither the Government will able to reimburse you for the medical costs incurred overseas nor Medicare or your private health coverMore Reasons outlining the benefits Of Travel Insurance:-

  • In case the flight has been cancelled.
  • The bags are lost along with medication and you need emergency prescription from doctor.
  • The passport and also wallet are lost, and you need urgent cash and a replacement passport.
  • The passenger is happened to involve in an accident and required medical help is not available and so require medical evacuation.
  • One needs to cancel his trip due to medical reasons.
  • The travel provider has gone bankrupt and a person needs his expenses covered in order to make alternative arrangements to get to the destination.
  • Traveller got any medical emergency while he is overseas.
  • A terrorist incident has occurred at a place where someone is planning to travel and he wants to cancel his travel plan.
  • A natural disaster has pushed traveller to evacuate his hotel, motel or cruise.

Credit card Cover

If you book your travel by using your credit card, you may also be covered in some cases; your credit card coverage will be basic and just limited to flight accident, rental car insurance or limited luggage insurance. Make sure to read your card policy terms, or contact your credit card provider for more detail on policy inclusions.

Are all your items covered?

You must check how your belongings are covered, specifically for theft or damage. Are there any per item limits? If yes, what are they, are all electronic equipment like mobiles, tablets etc. are covered? if not sure of anything, contact your insurance distributor, they are legally obliged to explain you all the terms of a policy that are not clear.

Important points to consider while buying travel insurance

The following are some essential inclusions to consider:-

  1.  You can often propose the amount of cover in case something stops you from travelling – this may be equal to total cost of your trip and may be more, but the more the amount, the more expensive the policy will be.
  2. Travel delay is counted per day, look for omissions involving strikes, war and terrorism and natural disasters. But don’t expect to be rained with cash for a few hours spent on a grounded aircraft. You may not be covered for flight delays less than 24 hours as a result of airline’s fault
  3.  Airline and supplier insolvency. If the people who made your travel arrangements go bankrupt, if ensured you will be covered for that loss
  4. Personal liability. In case you carelessly placed baggage, that results into injuring someone and he wants to sue you for damages, you must be covered for that. Read policies details for this inclusion.
  5. Car rental. Travel insurance mostly will not cover the full cost if you’re involved in an accident while using a rental car, even if you are not at fault. This option can help with the excess, but you should also take out the required insurances provided by the car rental company too.
  6. If any accidents happen while travelling, keep the emergency number handy. If you require any medical help, pursue treatment urgently. If you are unable to call for help, somebody will find the number on your behalf so make sure to carry a copy of your insurance certificate. If your circumstances are non-medical in nature, it will be in your favour to call the provider anyhow, and they’ll advise their procedure.

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